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The New Weston Vision and Mission

“Looking back on the last 5 years of Weston’s history, we had created a 2013 Vision focused on driving an effective, efficient organization at a time in the marketplace when our clients were pushing for lower pricing. The timing of this Vision turned out to be forward-thinking and ahead of many of our competitors. The result for us has been that Weston today is one of the most effective and efficient environmental and infrastructure firms, with unsurpassed flexibility, the ability to respond to clients’ needs without layers of decision making that other firms like us face. We have steadily demonstrated solid profitability and improved revenue growth, and it is now time to look to the future to maximize our profitable growth trajectory driven off the value our clients realize in the services Weston provides.”
-Alan Solow, Weston CEO

In October 2018, Weston Solutions, Inc. President & Chief Executive Officer, Alan Solow, presented the new Company Vision and associated Mission to all 1,000+ employee-owners.

Alan and his team led a series of cross-country Road Shows in 2018 to capture ideas from our employees about what makes Weston special to them and to our clients and where should we go from here. His team traveled to our regional offices across the country and asked key questions centered on the future of our Company.  Each session was recorded so that the team could assemble the common themes that became the foundation of the new Vision and Mission.

The 2023 Vision:

Delivering valued solutions for our clients while improving the quality of life for our communities.

The new Weston Vision features four key themes. In 2023, Weston will still be delivering promised, desired, and expected results. Weston always comes through. Weston will deliver valued solutions through innovation, expertise, and teamwork as we do today. We will continue to deliver valued solutions to our clients’ most pressing needs. Most importantly, the word value is focused on what the client is expecting. Weston will continue to build on our client centric culture. We will continue to adapt to our clients and go above and beyond to meet their needs.

Alan reminds us that “our ability to grow and diversify depends on this culture; we all have a part.”

Finally, Weston will improve the quality of life for our communities.

“Our employee-owners make a difference every day and on every project, improving the quality of life for our communities. This rang true and came from the heart of our employees in every Road Show I led this year,” says Alan.

The Mission:

Grow sustainable value as a unified community of employee-owners, delivering effective and efficient solutions as a premier provider for our clients’ needs.

Four phrases within the new Weston Mission are intended to catapult our firm forward to best serve our clients:

1. Grow sustainable value – this combines the need to bring sustainable value to our clients while also delivering profitable work to the firm for our own sustainability.

2. Unified community – this emphasizes the importance of working  as one team and tapping  into the depth and breadth of our capabilities on a national basis to best support clients.

3. Effective and efficient – these words are key to how we conduct our work. We need to continue to implement innovative solutions and look for optimization to minimize costs.

Alan adds that “effective and efficient has been a cultural change that we made as a Company in 2013 as we worked through our financial turnaround; our employee-owners let me know that this has to be maintained as we move the Company into the future.”

4. Premiere provider – this is who we were and who we are: a top service provider, then and now.

A dynamic future marketplace will demand more resilient solutions, new approaches, big data, and secure centralized systems. Weston’s ability to make a positive difference through our services will remain undiminished by time and market factors and keep us going into the next 60 years.