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Consulting, planning, engineering, construction, and O&M solutions for complex environmental and infrastructure challenges

Here at Weston, solving complex environmental and infrastructure challenges is not just our profession—it’s our passion. And we’re putting it to good use.


Our nationwide network of employee-owners blend their professional environmental consulting expertise with boots-on-the-ground perspective to bring best practices, practicality, and innovation tailored to meet clients’ unique needs across the private and public sectors.


With an all-hands-in approach from the top down, Weston is adept at providing just the right team to answer our clients’ calls, producing environmentally responsible, sustainable results.


From delivering large-scale solutions nationwide to addressing challenges in our own neighborhoods, Weston has a long track record of success with projects of any size.

With a proud legacy 65 years in the making, get to know Weston as we are today.

Discover how we are shaping a better tomorrow

Learn more about our services that are making a tangible difference in the world. Our industry-leading engineers and scientists leverage their dedication to sustainability and a deep understanding of client needs to provide resilient, tailored solutions.

Businesses facing the challenges of aging infrastructure and rising costs are seeking turn-key operational efficiencies, resilient design, and sustainable approaches. With industry expertise and a collaborative approach, we offer streamlined solutions that prioritize your goals and navigate the complex infrastructure landscape to support growth.

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Weston has expertise and experience in investigation and remediating the potential risks associated with PFAS found in common sources and products. With innovative solutions and a proactive approach, Weston stays ahead of regulatory developments and collaborates with industry organizations to provide accurate data.

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Weston recognizes the increasing demand for EV charging stations driven by environmental concerns, government incentives, and growing EV sales. With extensive expertise in EVSE management and strategic partnerships, Weston offers comprehensive services to address customers’ EV needs and is committed to sustainable development.

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Weston recognizes the environmental threats posed by orphaned oil and gas wells in the US and shares the mission of federal and state government clients to reduce emissions and reclaim lands for communities. With a skilled workforce and expertise in regulatory requirements, Weston offers reliable and scalable plug and abandonment solutions to minimize environmental impacts, while preserving cultural and natural resources for future generations.

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Weston is a place where people want to work. Where talent is nurtured and professional growth is encouraged. Where being employee-owned means that every person brings value—and their voice—to the table, and transparency means more than titles.
Like what you do - Weston is a place where people want to work. Where talent is nurtured and professional growth is encouraged.
Lawrence Bove - President & Chief Executive Officer

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The everlasting legacy of our founder, Roy F. Weston, continues on today in our vision and belief that society must focus on the balance between economic development and environmentally sustainable communities. Our employee-owners strive to deliver sustainable solutions for our clients every day to help solve their infrastructure and environmental challenges. We do this because it’s our passion and commitment to making a difference in the world.

LARRY BOVE | President and Chief Executive Officer