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Join our nat'l SMEs Brad Sumrall, P.E., & Andrea Crumpacker next week @ the 2018 @EPAregion6 #Stormwater Conference. Stop by the Weston booth to learn about our significant engagement w/ the MS4 program, science-based engineering approach, and more. @EPAregion9

We're excited to announce Weston won the 3-yr 2018 Expanded Environmental Remediation (EER) Indefinite Scope Indefinite Delivery (ISID) Contract for the State of Michigan, who we've proudly supported since '89. #vaporintrusion #remedialdesign #constructionoversight @MichiganDEQ

Let's connect in Denver next week @StormCon! Tech SME for Stormwater Engineering, Rich Lucera, will be available to discuss Weston's formidable Surface Water Quality/Stormwater capability/#innovations. See hot projects in this area: #waterresources

Did u know heat index is an indicator of how hot the weather feels? For August's #safety series, we're sharing @OSHA_DOL's official heat index: one tool our workers use as part of the overall heat stress monitoring/prevention program. More helpful tips:

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