Federal Government

Weston has more than 30 years of experience providing federal government agencies with a full range of environmental services, from emergency responses and investigations to complete cleanup of federal sites. We leverage longstanding relationships to help ensure safe and cost-effective project execution on our work in the following core areas:

  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):
    Our EPA work centers on a set of Superfund Technical Assessment & Response Team (START) contracts (currently held for 6 of 10 EPA Regions) in which we have dedicated teams providing first-responder and support services associated with environmental events. For larger events, such as Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, or post 9/11 cleanup, Weston mobilizes hundreds of employees and often has a field presence for months after, providing services ranging from ambient air monitoring and debris management to database and GIS reporting tool development.
  • Department of Defense (DOD):
    Weston holds a large number of broadly-based contract vehicles for agencies such as the Army Corps of Engineers and the Air Force Civil Engineering Center, as well as more focused contracts and Task Orders for specific installations or projects. Much of our DOD work consists of traditional environmental services, such as remediation and compliance assistance, as well as specialized construction, including levee repair and construction and ecosystem restoration. We also perform Materials of Explosive Concern remediation; Advanced Metering Infrastructure design/installation to help DOD facilities with energy management; implementation of sustainability programs; and redevelopment of Base Realignment and Closure facilities in coordination with local redevelopment authorities.
  • Other Agencies:
    Weston’s work for other federal agencies includes a diverse set of projects for entities such as the Department of Energy, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and Department of Justice, with services that include compliance, ecosystem restoration, and storm aftermath response. We are also listed on the General Services Administration schedule for several environmental services, and we have a long history providing the United States Postal Service with services such as anthrax testing and cleanup, stormwater permitting, and recycling program implementation assistance.

State & Local Governments

Weston’s teams have a personal interest in the health, vitality and development of the communities where we live and work. With offices strategically located throughout the U.S., we have delivered over 3,000 economic revitalization, infrastructure development, and privatization projects for state, city and county agencies, and local authorities. We take a partnering approach with our clients, communities, and stakeholders, providing solutions to their often complex environmental and redevelopment challenges, and as an industry leader in water system and wastewater treatment design, Weston uses advanced technologies and experienced teams to solve the problems facing utilities and strengthen infrastructure.


Today’s businesses face complex, interdependent issues that demand the utmost efficiency. Weston’s leadership in the environmental services industry includes a broad range of management and compliance, due diligence, redevelopment, and environmental remediation services for clients in myriad industries such as industrial, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and power. Throughout the world, businesses are realizing that investment in these services can expand their market share and maximize their operational benefits. We offer our commercial/Industrial clients quick response capability; experienced professionals with industry-specific knowledge and expertise in navigating regulatory climates; efficient resource management through creative partnerships and value engineering; cost savings through state-of-the-art technologies; and lasting solutions and savings through pollution prevention, process efficiency and electronic management systems. Key services provided to our industrial, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and power utility clients include linear permitting, air consulting and emission testing, environmental compliance programs, specialized construction services, and long-term solutions for community stakeholders.