Environmental Restoration Groundwater Investigation for Sandia National Laboratories/New Mexico (SNL/NM)

Weston developed a comprehensive approach to delineate multi-source plumes and a monitored natural attenuation strategy that integrated with the DOE stewardship program.

Weston led a remediation project that involved the characterization of a 10 square mile area in the Tijeras Arroyo contaminated with chlorinated solvents and nitrates, threatening the regional aquifer. Weston worked with the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) high-performance team to develop a comprehensive approach to delineate the multi-source plumes.

Weston was instrumental in developing the conceptual model, which synthesized information on the complex hydrogeologic setting and contaminant distribution in the study area. The project required consensus between NMED, Sandia National Laboratories/New Mexico (SNL/NM), Department of Defense Installation Restoration Program at Kirtland Air Force Base, Bernalillo County, and the City of Albuquerque.

Weston also performed the follow-upon field services; these activities involved evaluating geochemical and hydrogeologic data; overseeing drilling operations for 30 monitoring wells; demonstrating innovative technologies, such as EarthVision®; evaluating diverse sets of release sites; integrating GPS mapping services, using GIS technologies; validating environmental samples; and preparing technical sections of groundwater investigations for publication in the Annual Site Environmental Report and Groundwater Protection Program Annual Report.

Our established contractual relationship of over 19 years with SNL/NM’s Environmental Restoration (ER) program, positive relationship with NMED, as well as our collective team knowledge of potential release sites added significant value to this successful project.