USPS Office of National Preparedness GIS Support, Nationwide

Weston performs innovative GIS Portal implementation, planning, emergency preparedness, and emergency response support for the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Office of National Preparedness (ONP).

The USPS ONP provides a critical function for USPS in planning, preparing, and responding to emergencies. Weston was awarded a contract to provide GIS analysis in support of the ONP mission in 2012. ONP needed timely and dependable GIS support for modelling and analysis both pre- and post-impact during emergency response.

Under this contract, Weston provides critical GIS analysis during emergencies to help USPS make mission-critical decisions. Weston developed GIS products to help model the impact of natural disasters on the USPS facility infrastructure to ensure operations can be restored in a timely manner post-impact.

Our team developed an ONP-specific GIS portal that allows the USPS national and regional managers on-demand interaction of data layers for viewing spatial relations alongside local managers. The portal has the capability to self-produce maps and can utilize built-in tools to analyze emergency preparedness. The GIS Portal also provides a nationally consistent planning, preparedness, and response reporting infrastructure that allows for flexibility and time-critical custom reporting tools to be utilized during time-critical actions; allows for integrated and consistent reporting from response to response so decision makers have a high degree of confidence in the reports provided; provides a Common Operational Picture and consistent set of symbology and tools no matter the incident location.