Water Resources

Water Systems Services

Girl at Water FountainWESTON understands the challenges involved in providing a clean, safe, and dependable water supply, as well as managing a cost-effective system that accommodates future needs. As the scope and complexity of our water protection programs increases, so does the demand for improved water management, including its quality, quantity, storage, supply, and distribution.

WESTON uses creative teams and advanced technologies to solve the problems facing water utilities and strengthen infrastructure. We focus on the specific distribution, rehabilitation, and security needs of our clients and develop management plans and optimization programs that result in fewer interruptions and greater cost savings.

Working on American Water Works Association Research Foundation projects, WESTON developed methods such as the Comprehensive Water Main Rehabilitation Program to create and implement cost-effective water distribution rehabilitation and replacement programs.

WESTON's Water Systems Services include:

  • Water Supply, Storage, Treatment, Distribution, Planning, and Design

  • Water Reuse Planning

  • Water Supply Source Protection

  • Water Infrastructure Security

  • Water Supply Planning Studies

  • Water Distribution Systems Analysis and Modeling

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