High-Hazard Remediation

Safe and Innovative Solutions

High-Hazard Remediation High-hazard responses present an unusually high risk to site workers and the public due to the reactive, chemical, radiological, or explosive nature of contaminants. These items pose a clear danger to the health and safety of all personnel that may come in contact with them. High-hazard work demands rigorous skills, attention to detail, and the training and experience to safely handle the response.

WESTON has successfully undertaken this challenging work and continues to safely and successfully solve problems with Munitions and Explosive of Concern, Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), Chemical Warfare Materiel (CWM), Radioactive and Biological Materials, and Range Sustainability for the Department of Defense, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Energy, numerous state and local governments, and a host of commercial clients.

WESTON has the crucial expertise and experience needed to perform high-hazard remediation safely and efficiently, and we fully understand the implications to all stakeholders. Our experts — recognized throughout the environmental industry as leaders in high-hazard responses — hold a keen understanding of client and public concerns.

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