Government Services

Our Government Services include the design, renovation, and construction of various infrastructure improvements at high-security facilities for the U.S. Government. Specifically, our expertise includes:

  • Design-Build of New Core Area Facilities and the Upgrade of Existing Facilities to meet mission-critical requirements
  • Secure Self-Contained Data Networks and Phone Systems
  • Sound Attenuation, Acoustic Barriers, and Silencers
  • Physical Security of Vents, Ducts, and Pipes
  • Electronic Emanation Countermeasure Systems
  • Security, Access Control, and Integrated Perimeter Protection and Monitoring Systems
  • Operations and Security Command Centers Design and Construction
  • Secure, Mission-Critical Facility Renovations
  • Vehicle Denial Barrier Systems
  • Secure Gate Complexes and Systems

This work is routinely performed in mission-critical facilities with active and ongoing operations. Weston has the proven ability to perform these upgrades with a minimal impact to ongoing operational activities.