Helping the Navy Get a Clear View of its Energy and Water Use

Naval Facilities Engineering Command Washington / Multiple Navy facilities in and around Washington, DC

To properly manage your resources, you must first understand how much you're using, as well as when and where. The first step in a comprehensive energy management program, therefore, is to collect data on energy consumption. Armed with that information, energy managers have a clearer picture of their energy use and can make better decisions to reduce costs.

WESTON delivered just such an integrated hardware and software solution for building-level energy metering information at naval bases in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

This project included the design, purchase, and installation of more than 1,000 electric, gas, and water meters, and the integration of information from the meters through the design and installation of local and regional data acquisition servers.

Reliable Energy Information for Stakeholders

Our Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution provides the Navy with a tool to meet its current utilities management, energy management, and energy reduction initiatives. It employs a flexible, easily expandable system architecture that connects components from numerous sources and manufacturers.

The data acquisition system includes an "energy dashboard" for managing real-time data, which is collected every 15 minutes. The resulting fully customizable data reports provide powerful tools to track energy trends used to help forecast energy purchase requirements and to craft demand/response initiatives for optimizing energy use.

Energy managers have access to “dashboards” to track real-time data and optimize energy efficiency. Our AMI solution provides an integrated system of best-value elements to meet Naval District Washington's current and future needs, and serves as the backbone for future Smart Grid capabilities. The system is fully scalable for the Navy's needs, including any additional metering or sub-metering requirements.

Data Security Is Assured

WESTON partnered with an industry leader in information assurance, security, and network communications. We are delivering a network design that is operationally secure and sustainable throughout the life-cycle of the program and that meets the Navy's stringent standards for information assurance.Energy data is transmitted wirelessly through a state-of-the-art network that meets all client needs for reliability and security.

The system includes wireless intrusion detection devices, all necessary firewalls, and virtual private network tunnels where necessary. The design also accounts for radio frequency interference issues.