Transit-Oriented, Green Development Spurs Revitalization

Lakewood, Colorado

A 4.5-acre site in the west Denver suburb of Lakewood seemed perfect for redevelopment: it had access to current and planned public transportation, it was at the center of the city's redevelopment plans, and the region had little room for new development.

The problem? The property's history of environmental contamination caused most potential developers to shy away from the site. And so the property became blighted and presented challenge to the city's vision for a thriving, transit-oriented redevelopment corridor.

Fortunately, the site's condition was not a barrier for WESTON. As a full-service remediation company, we saw past the contamination to envision the property restored to full use. Specifically, we saw the site, now named Garrison Station, as the ideal location for our Denver-area office as part of a mixed-use redevelopment. The site also provided an opportunity to showcase WESTON's capabilities as a green developer.

The City of Lakewood has a vision for a thriving, transit-oriented, mixed-use community. WESTON is helping make that vision a reality.

Creating a Green, LEED® Gold-Certified Building

WESTON's role in the design of Garrison Station was one we typically perform for our clients: LEED® consultants. We knew we wanted a LEED® Gold building, but we did not begin with a discussion of LEED® points. Instead, we started a discussion with the people who will use the building to understand their needs, as well as other site needs and constraints. Then we explored how to cost-effectively match LEED® points to a design that matched users' needs.

Phase I is now complete: WESTON employees are happily working in their new green space. They enjoy features such as a clerestory that provides daylight to interior offices, bike racks and showers to encourage alternate transportation, and a location on public transportation routes.

They also appreciate that their building uses significantly less water and power than a typical building, thanks to low-flow fixtures, energy-efficient features, and water-efficient landscaping. Perhaps their favorite feature is the GreenGrid® roof. Though its primary purpose is exceptional stormwater management (important because this building is in a flood plain), it also boosts energy efficiency and is accessible to building occupants for lunch or casual meetings.

Making a Sustainable Vision a Reality

Garrison Station, on the corner of Colfax and Garrison Streets, will serve as a cornerstone of infill redevelopment. It is helping to fulfill the City of Lakewood's vision of the Colfax corridor as a transit-oriented, mixed-use community. The City of Lakewood has recognized WESTON with its sustainability award.

Phase II will include another building that combines office space, retail space, and casual dining.

For additional information, view our case study at http://www.naiop.org/en/E-Library/Development/Garrison-Station.aspx