Weston Reselected to Provide Monitoring and Reporting Support for San Diego County Water Program

WEST CHESTER, Pa., June 2, 2015 –Weston Solutions has been re-selected to provide monitoring and reporting support for the San Diego County Copermittees under their Regional Receiving Waters and Urban Runoff Monitoring and Reporting Program. This dual win is valued at $14M over five years.

Having served San Diego County since 2001, Weston will continue to provide watershed water quality, sediment, and biological assessment monitoring and reporting. Specifically, the company conducts monitoring and reporting for the majority of San Diego County’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit program requirements, including: ambient water quality sampling; stormwater monitoring; stream bioassessment surveys; continuous flow monitoring with remote access telemetry systems; toxicity, microbiology, and analytical chemistry testing; ambient bay and lagoon sediment monitoring and assessments; data management and analysis; report preparation; workplan development; budget preparation; and client/regulatory technical support.

The monitoring portion of this award is valued at $9M and the reporting at $5M.