Weston Awarded $8M Management and Operational Support Contract from Sandia National Laboratory

WEST CHESTER, Pa., July 1, 2016 –Sandia National Laboratory has awarded Weston Solutions a $8M, 5-year contract to provide management and operational support to the Sandia Waste Management (WM) Program and operational support to the Stewardship and Analytical Services (SAS) Program.

Weston will develop, maintain, and support the implementation of a corporate waste management system. The WM Program provides guidance and assistance in waste reduction and diversion and exemplary service in collection, storage, treatment, packaging, shipping, disposal, policy communication, and training. The SAS Program is responsible for the performance of Sandia’s Long-Term Stewardship Program as well as providing analytical services utilizing the on-site laboratory, Radiation Protection and Sample Diagnostics program, and off-site laboratories through the Sample Management Office.

Weston has provided similar services to Sandia since 1998.    “Weston has built a waste management program at Sandia that is second to none.  We are proud of the work we have performed for Sandia and look forward to continuing our high level of service to support the lab,” commented Alan Solow, President and CEO.