Macy’s Parade Meteorological Services

Weston has been providing meteorological services since 2009 to the Macy’s Parade and Entertainment Group, a division of Macy’s Corporate Services, Inc., in support of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City. Macy’s operates a network of seven wind monitoring stations with wind data that is instantaneously uploaded to a central web page allowing parade officials access to the current wind conditions along the parade route. Data is used by those officials to determine the height at which the parade’s balloons may fly, as well as, if they may fly at all.

Weston’s onsite meteorologists perform the annual system maintenance, testing and servicing of seven wind monitoring stations, which includes verifying wind sensor alignment, system status and condition, and testing communications with an offsite meteorologist/data system programmer.

Weston’s meteorologists conduct a daily data review from the seven stations that is started annually in the fall and continues through parade day; any issues with the system are then recognized and corrected before Parade Day.

On parade day, Weston provides trained onsite operators to assist with any issues that arise during the parade. Offsite technical support is also provided from a meteorologist/data system programmer to assist the onsite personnel and interact with Vista DataVision, the website for the Wind Data Display.

In addition, to the operation and maintenance of the wind monitoring system, Weston provides forecasting services for balloon training days and for the days leading up to and including parade day.