Emergency Repairs on Cut & Cover Tanks

In 2009, Weston was contracted by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers to perform time- and mission-critical fuel storage tank cleaning, inspection, calibration, and repairs on Tanks 2 (a “bunkered” tank, with an earthen covering with a concrete cap) and 3 at Mountain Home Air Force Base in Elmore, ID.

Weston cleaned and inspected the tanks in accordance with applicable guidelines, including API 653 inspection requirements, which included installing sufficient lighting and continually monitoring air quality during field operations. Once cleaned and certified for safety entry, the tanks’ entire coating system, approximately 11,300 sqft of fiberglass lining material on the floor and 6,800 sqft of coating from the shell, was removed using a heat-induction process and an abrasive blast process. All removed coating and abrasive blast media was sampled and disposed of in accordance with applicable guidelines, and all coating work was certified by an SSPC QP 5 inspector. Some of the many tank repairs included sleeving the receipt and issue lines, seal welding vertical stiffeners, installing patch plates, and repairing welds.

Weston also performed a hydraulic assessment on a seven-mile commercial receipt pipeline to identify potential issues in the event of an unplanned or sudden valve closure, and participated in designing the fabrication and installation of a manifold system, including a 210,000 gal. bladder containment area, that would allow the base to install contingency fueling equipment (FORCE) in the event of permanent facility failure.

The project was completed in accordance with the Army Corp SOW and in accordance with applicable regulatory guidance, including demolition, construction, restoration, repair, enhancement, and improvement activities as required by the plans and specifications provided by the Corp of Engineers.