Honolulu Gains Valuable Real Estate Thanks to Weston Sustainable Redevelopment

Subsidiary of Goodfellow Brothers Inc. Purchases 2 Acres After EPA-Approved Cleanup

HONOLULU, HI — September 25, 2012 – Weston Solutions, Inc. (WESTON®), a leading environmental, redevelopment, and construction firm, announced the August 31, 2012, sale of 91–476 Komohana Street, Kapolei, Hawaii, to CIPCW Investment, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Goodfellow Brothers Inc., which intends to relocate its Oahu operations to the Campbell Industrial Park property that once housed the former Chem-Wood Treatment Company.

The former Chem-Wood Treatment Company operated a wood pressure-treating operation at the site between 1975 and 1988. The operation used hazardous chemicals containing chromium, arsenic and mineral spirits, some of which were released to soil and have impacted groundwater. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) first took enforcement action at the site in 1988 and has since overseen a series of investigations and clean-up actions at the site.

WESTON assumed the property's legacy environmental problems, and used proactive and innovative sustainable approaches for remediation, completing a complex land revitalization plan where for the past 20 years many others failed.

Focused on protecting human health and the environment, WESTON's clean-up efforts included several sustainable practices. For example, contaminated soil was consolidated on-site—not hauled to a landfill—and the existing asphalt and concrete paving was crushed on-site and reused as the base for a new asphalt cap. WESTON worked closely with surrounding property owners to remediate any off-site contamination including use of a pressure washer and vacuum truck to remove arsenic-contaminated soils from a drainage ditch adjacent to the property. The remediation project was completed and approved by multiple stakeholders including U.S. EPA and the Hawaii Department of Health. Under the agreement signed with U.S. EPA WESTON will continue a long-term monitoring program of the groundwater at the site.

According to Peter A. Ceribelli, WESTON Chief Operating Officer, "This project is a great example of WESTON technical know-how and how we use our combined expertise to drive solutions for complex issues many firms refuse to tackle. We look forward to future opportunities to share both the risks and the rewards with our clients as we help return formerly underutilized properties back to beneficial use."

Honolulu is home to a WESTON regional office that has demonstrated a long-term commitment to the people and the sustainability of the island's resources. This is WESTON's second acquisition of contaminated property in Hawaii purchased with the intent of returning the parcels to beneficial reuse, stimulating the local land-constrained economy through additional job creation and an increased tax base. The first, 616 Iwilei Road, is located close to downtown, in the Iwilei District between Honolulu International Airport and Waikiki.

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