WESTON Launches Do-It-Yourself Green Roof Online Store

Committed to a Sustainable Environment? Create your own rooftop garden using a DIY kit!

WEST CHESTER, PA — January 31, 2013 – Weston Solutions, Inc. (WESTON®), a leading environmental, redevelopment, and construction firm, announces the industry's first green roof online store: store.greengridroofs.com. Designed specifically for small residential projects (100 to 1,000 square feet), the site provides easy access to purchase a GreenGrid® Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kit or pre-grown system.

The store provides everything the DIY user needs to build a roof garden, including all the necessary products, an instruction manual, support and answers to frequently asked questions, easy payment options, and home delivery in one to two weeks. Homeowners are now able to reap the all the benefits a green roof delivers including reduced stormwater runoff, lower energy costs, improved air quality, and a longer roof life.

The flagship product of the online store is a DIY kit that includes all the pieces you need to build a simple, low maintenance green roof or a breathtaking rooftop terrace or garden. Each kit provides small, lightweight GreenGrid® green roof trays in multiple depths; premeasured, bagged soil; and plants if desired. Plants include varieties of pre-vegetated mats exclusively by Etera®, tailored to a homeowner's climate and plant preferences. Alternatively, fully pre-assembled and planted green roof trays are available.

"We installed the GreenGrid® green roof ourselves and we're delighted with it!" said Bruce Fowle of Martha's Vineyard. "The trays arrived on schedule with a lovely fertile mix of plants that blended perfectly with the local flora. Other than watering it during the first few weeks and some light weeding, it has been maintenance free and a wonderful addition to our house."

WESTON has completed over 600 GreenGrid® projects in 42 states — installing over 4 million square feet of vegetative roofing in the last ten years.

About GreenGrid® Green Roof System

The GreenGridG4 pre-vegetated modular green roof system is the fourth generation of this successful system. Composed of recycled lightweight plastic, the modules are available in various depths with a sleek design and suitable for a variety of planting options. Engineered soil media and drought-tolerant vegetation includes sedums and other small but hardy plants. Modules can also be easily accessed, removed, and replaced without damaging the roof. GreenGrid® is a proprietary technology of ABC Supply Co., Inc. licensed exclusively in the United States to Weston Solutions, Inc. (WESTON®).

For more information about GreenGrid®, visit www.greengridroofs.com or contact Jared Markham in Glastonbury, CT, at (860) 368-3204.


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