Intelligent Energy Dashboard Turns Major Energy Users into Smart Powerplants

WESTON and Elster EnergyICT Partner to Unlock Savings and Leverage Green Energy Assets

WEST CHESTER, PA — February 7, 2013 – Weston Solutions, Inc. (WESTON®), a leading environmental and redevelopment firm and qualified Department of Energy 'Energy Service Company' is partnering with Elster EnergyICT, a leading energy management solution provider, to launch energy navigation solutions intended to let major energy users take control over their energy bills and usage.

At the core of energy navigation is the ability to move beyond conventional energy supply/demand management of electric loads and to forecast and contract future energy requirements. In turn, optimizing and prioritizing assets like energy efficiency retrofits, green energy assets, power storage, load curtailment, advanced meters and controls and new technologies entering the market. This dashboard will allow cities and towns, campuses, military installations and other large users of energy to optimize utility bills while minimizing environmental footprint.

Similar to the collaborative technology that enabled computer networking, this Building to Grid or B2G solution enables connectivity between smart buildings and the grid and helps property or energy managers make informed business decisions about their energy use. To assist with real-time energy purchasing decisions, a comprehensive real-time dashboard shows building owners how well they are managing energy costs and where Smart Building efficiencies can generate dollars and improve Return on Investment (ROI) on renewable projects.

Using the proven benchmarking of current energy requirements and a unified customer energy database, property managers/building owners are able to leverage load management and customer participation in demand-response programs offered by utilities and ISOs.

Department of Defense customers with future sustainable energy goals gain an understanding of micro-grid innovation and a way to meet objectives heavily dependent on decreasing energy demands. The Elster EnergyICT WESTON solution unlocks the information stored in energy meters and other sources to deliver the data needed to help conserve energy and reduce carbon footprints through continuous energy measurement and monitoring.

According to Kathleen McGinty, WESTON's senior vice president who oversees its Green Development Division, "Since the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's 2011 landmark ruling requiring grid operators to pay demand-response resources the same price as power generators, our clients have been looking for ways to capitalize and balance their usage. This solution is a great example of how we applied our technical expertise to help clients save money, improve asset reliability and performance, and even earn a return on their energy load. Clients have been able to reduce energy use, optimize space usage, and minimize the environmental impact of buildings."

Spencer Rigler, Vice President of Energy Management at Elster EnergyICT concurred saying, "The current energy management process is fragmented and very time consuming. We knew our customers needed an integrated and unified set of tools with a core database based on their meters and bills in order to plan and track their energy spend, investments, productivity while forecasting future energy requirements. The real test in energy supply chain management is whether your costs are reducing or increasing less than the supplier costs and revenues for the services provided. By tracking these trends, we help our clients improve energy forecasting and budget costs accurately."

Focused on long-term sustainable solutions, both Elster EnergyICT and WESTON work together to provide energy management solutions worldwide to retailers, industrial and commercial companies, government and military installations and privately and publicly owned energy supply companies. WESTON currently works closely with the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) under contracts for Advanced Metering Infrastructure design, installation and integration.

Weston Solutions Inc. (WESTON®) is a global leader in environmental solutions, sustainable development, design/build construction, green buildings and clean energy. Dedicated to making a difference in the world, the company's 1,800 people reach out from 60 offices around the globe to build strong stakeholder relationships and provide solutions that work. WESTON has been responding to its clients' toughest problems for more than 50 years.

Since its foundation in 1991, Elster EnergyICT has developed complete, end-to-end solutions that deliver the insight, intelligence and information needed to power energy management strategies at multi-site, commercial organizations and to support asset management, load optimization and customer services at utilities of all sizes. The company's clients include utilities and energy service companies throughout the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific, as well as global retailers, military and government installations, and some of the world's largest industrial and commercial organizations. The company's success has been built on market-leading engineering capabilities, years of experience and industrial knowledge, and dedication to delivering exemplary customer services. Since 2009, the company has been part of Elster, one of the world's largest providers of electricity, gas and water measurement and control systems to utilities in the traditional and emerging smart grid markets. For more information about Elster EnergyICT, please visit www.elster.com/en/elster-energyict.

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